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AI orthodontic analysis system is a fully automatic online orthodontic analysis system based on artificial intelligence self-learning algorithm. Through full intelligent identification, automatic skull lateral tracing, automatic marking points and analysis report generation can be completed instantaneously.

Five Functions

1. Intelligent measurement and analysis

Intelligent learning algorithm, automatic dot drawing, quickly generating analysis reports, improving the efficiency of medical treatment.

2.Customized measurement analysis

According to the actual clinical situation, the existing measurement items can be arbitrarily combined, which is flexible and effective for the analysis of clinical cases, and easily create a “Personal Tailor” analysis strategy!

3.Digital tracing

Intelligent learning algorithm is applied to automatically draw lateral skull trace. Navigation guidance, free adjustment, easy output of accurate tracing. The comparison of tracing before and after diagnosis visually displays the effect of diagnosis, which makes the communication between doctors and patients smoother and the displaying of doctors’ work more professional.

4.Image overlapping

The fine structure is clear under this technology. Using unique image overlapping technology, the trace map, lateral X-ray film and lateral photo are effectively combined to clearly display the structure of the ear point and facial soft tissue, so that the measurement and analysis results are more accurate, and the treatment plan is better displayed to the patient.

5.Intelligent tracking

Manage the image data of patients in different stages of diagnosis and treatment in the form of time axis. With effective comparison of the phased data, accurate evaluation of the operation and intuitive display of the changes before and after diagnosis and treatment, the communication between doctor and patient become much easier.