All You Need 5-in-1 Extraoral CBCT

The Meyer extraoral CBCT equipment collects full oral data in one scan and reconstructs all aspects of high-resolution images as needed for accurate clinical diagnostics. The resulting 3D images and analytical data provide essential basis for dental filling, implant and orthodontics.

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Highlights and Advantages

  • 5-in-1 including CBCT, Pano, Ceph, Part CT and Model Scanning
  • Robust processing algorithms to generate high image quality and accuracy
  • Fast & precise with minimum-dose scanning. Child-safety mode available.
  • Instant 3D image reconstruction post scanning through the new generation imaging technology
  • Touchscreen for convenient operation
  • Three-point patient positioning for stability and simplicity
Maximum FOV (cm) 17 × 11 15 × 10.5 12 × 10
Clinical Advantages  

Full scan from lower jaw to maxillary sinus and TMJs, high resolution part CT

Suitable for general + local diagnostics, TMJs examination and dental implant


Full scan from lower jaw to maxillary sinus and TMJs

Suitable for general + local diagnostics, TMJs examination and dental implant


Full scan from lower jaw to maxillary sinus         

Suitable for general + local diagnostics, and dental implant

Common Features  

1. One scan to obtain full data collection

2. 5-in-1 including CBCT, Pano, Ceph (optional), Part CT and Model Scanning

3. Provide solutions to general clinical diagnostics

4. Jaw holder can be adjusted to scan from lower jaw to maxillary sinus


AI Image Noise Reduction
Advanced AI + EZ technology reduces image noise and distortion, and significantly improves image clarity.
AI Artifacts Removal
Advanced AI + EM technology effectively removes artifacts of high-density substances and produces structurally more clearly images. No scattered radiation is visible in these images.
Improved safety with the patented mixed-pulses technology
Mixed-pulses technology enables X-ray exposure to be adjusted flexibly according to age and physique of patients.
Operate on your fingertip with intuitive operational interface
The neatly designed digital touch pad accommodates all settings required for operation.
High Quality Flat Panel Detector
FPD of large photosensitive surface and dynamic range promotes high sensitivity and accuracy.
  • CT Mode
3-point patient positioning for stability and simplicity
Patient is held where necessary to minimise movement during scanning. The adjustable 3-point patient positioning system sufficiently supports image capturing process as well as keeps positioning simple and comfortable.
Powerful and user-friendly diagnostic software
The diagnostic software is internally developed by Meyer. It is fully integrated and ready to use for MPR, CPR, image processing (inversion, enhancement, etc.), 3D rendering, implant modelling and printing. The DICOM3.0 output format aligns with international standards, and compatible with Windows 7 or higher operating systems.



Technical Data

Model SS-X9010DPro-3DE、SS-X9010DPro-3D
Voltage AC230V±10%
Frequency 50Hz~60Hz±1Hz
Tube Model D-054SB
Focal Spot 0.5x0.5mm
Total Filtration 2.7mmAL
Tube Voltage 60~90kV
Tube Current 2~10mA
X ray radiation time CT~20secs Pano~17secs Ceph-lateral~12secs  Local CT~11.75secs
Focal spot to skin 250mm
Power supply AC 220V 16A
Dimension 3DE High: 1755mm, Wide:2485mm, Length:1415mm

3D High: 1755mm, Wide:1090mm, Length:1415mm

Net Weight 3DE: 260KG

3D: 220KG

Operating System Windows 7 or above, Intel Core i5 or above, 32-bit/64-bit
Dimensional Drawings



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